Member Highlight

Vanessa Meghnagi

TD: What is your occupation?
VM: Mom and soon to be trainer (Side note – since filling out this form, Vanessa has taken and passed her NASM Certified Personal Trainer exam!  Congrats!)

How long have you been CrossFitting?   5 months here

What did you think about CrossFit before you started?   Now what do you think? Always wanted to…can’t imagine anything else now

What is your favorite thing about the box?   The people – coaches and members

What is the biggest challenge you have overcome since joining the box?   PULL-UPS!

What has been your favorite/ most memorable moment at TDCF since joining?   Getting the postcards

What accomplishment are you most proud of, either outside or inside the box?   My kids, burpees, pull-ups

Do you remember what your first CrossFit workout was?   Brutal

Favorite Benchmark WOD?   Murph

Favorite thing to do at CrossFit?   Rope climbs, handstand push-ups

Why you do CrossFit?   So I can breathe.

What is a goal you’ve accomplished since joining TDCF?   Pull-ups

What s a goal you are still working on?   Kipping pull-ups

What motivates you?   Accomplishment

After a hard WOD, what is your favorite meal?   Sleep

Favorite “cheat” meal/ food?   Ice cream

What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting CrossFit?   Just show up

What impact has CrossFit has had on your life/ lifestyle/ fitness level?   It keeps me going

What can’t you live without?   My kids, CrossFit

Favorite vacation spot?   Vacation?

Whats a fun fact about yourself that people may not know about you?   I have five kids

Which Dane is your favorite? Not a fair question

Three Danes Crossfit Member Highlight

Denise and Eric Pedernera

Keeping it in the family.

This month TDCF takes a closer look at two of our athletes. A mother/ son duo who can often be found mornings and weekends putting their all into a WOD. Here we get a little more insight into who they are and what makes them tick with a very random question and answer session.

TD: So, first we need to know the answer to the most important question…Do you have a dog?
D: Yes, Bella…she’s going to be 8 years old on July 4th.
(this was followed by some mumbling about “no fish…I kill fish”)

TD: What’s your favorite food?
D: Chicken Parm
E: Baby Back Ribs

TD: What’s your favorite Benchmark WOD?
D: Annie
E: (Eric has only been with TDCF 5 weeks, so is still learning the Benchmark WODS)

TD: What do you love about CrossFit?
D: Variety…in a word!
E: The structure

TD: Who’s your favorite Dane?
D: Rogue
E: Lorenzo

TD: What do you remember from your first CrossFit WOD?
D: I wanted to throw up but didn’t.
E: I couldn’t finish the warm-ups.
(True story there about Eric…and in 5 short weeks he is finishing wods and throwing down in a fierce way. The other day he completed a WOD with 100 burpees in it! We are very proud of the progress he has made!)

TD: What is the biggest change in your life due to doing CrossFit?
D: It made me want to actually exercise and want to be fit
E: It has given me more energy in the mornings and overall, and I feel so much better already.

TD: Who’s your favorite person to WOD with?
D: I’ll say you (James)
E: My Mom
(I think Denise thought she would get brownie points with that answer)

TD: So, barbell or bodyweight?
D: Both
E: Barbell