CrossFit WOD

Thursday 4.26.18

Three Danes CrossFit – CrossFit

Matt Bonnefond is home on leave from the USAF from active duty overseas and has chosen Three Danes CrossFit to get his WOD on. We are glad to have you with us and thank you for your service!


3 Rounds:

500 Meter Row

12 Burpees

21 Box Jumps (24/20)



:30 seconds slow row

:30 seconds jumping jacks

:30 seconds medium row

:30 seconds active spidermans

:30 seconds slightly faster row

:30 seconds active samson

followed by…

2 rounds:

5 Push-ups

7 Sit-ups

9 Squats



Pigeon Pose on Box – 1:00 each side

Bring one leg in front of body with the other straight behind. The goal is to have the shin straight across with hips and shoulder squared forward. Lean forward over the front leg to dive deeper into stretch. Elevate onto 24” box.

Rig Calf Stretch – 1:00 each side

Place the bottom of one foot completely on an upright of the rig as you step away, bend down, and lean back on the opposite leg. (almost like a Cossack Squat) Then turn and face the upright and slowly bring your hips up to meet the upright while trying to keep your foot on the upright.




Today’s focus is on the recovery position back to the catch. The order in which we return towards the monitor is often mixed up, with the knees leading the way on many occasions. Doing this puts athletes in a less powerful catch position. Looking to address:

1. Extend arms straight before leaning forward with hips towards monitor.

2. When hands have cleared knees, let knees bend which will slide the seat down the rail.

3. Find vertical shin in catch position.

4. Look to make this systematic and second nature over time. This starts with going slow in practice, before adding speed.

Box Jumps

While rebounding box jumps are a quicker movement that will help athletes get this workout accomplished quicker, they are another one of those sport specific skills that competitors need to be able to do. However, for the majority of athletes in class, this movement carries more risk than reward. Instead of pushing the limits of an achilles injury, encourage those in class with no goals of competing to step down after each rep. Despite being slower than rebounding, that doesn’t mean that this method can’t be quick. On the step down, athletes can immediately jump right back up when the second foot hits the ground. This helps with cadence and consistency through the three sets of box jumps.

10 Small Hops

10 Higher Hops

3 Step-ups (each leg)

3 Box Jumps (step down, lower box)

3 Box Jumps (step down, workout height box)


Consistency is more important than speed here. Moving methodically at a cadence that can be maintained and carried over in to the box jumps is key. Taking a small composure breath at the top of each rep will help keep these steady. Preparing for movement with:

3 Spidermans (each leg)

3 Push-ups

3 Frog Jumps (jump feet outside of hands from high plank position)

3 Burpees



100 Meter Row

4 Burpees

4 Box Jumps

100 Meter Row

2 Burpees

2 box Jumps

Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds:

500 Meter Row

12 Burpees

21 Box Jumps (24/20)