CrossFit WOD

Sunday 4.22.18

Three Danes CrossFit – CrossFit


5 Rounds:

30/21 Calorie Bike

200 Meter Wreck Bag Run (40/25)



200 Meter Run

Quad Stretch

Knee to Chest

Cradle Stretch

1 Minute Bike

Soldier Kicks

Side Lunge

Air Squats

100 Meter Run

Active Spiderman

Active Samson


:30 Second Bike



Down Dog with Foot Pedal – 1:00

Spending one minute opening up the posterior chain, shoulders, and calves. In the down dog position with hips high and elbows locked, pedal feet back and forth towards the ground.

Pigeon Pose – 1:00 Each Leg

From a pushup position, sweep one leg beneath your body. Let’s use the right as an example. With your right leg beneath your body, aim to adjust your shin so that it is perpendicular to your torso – in other words, horizontal in relation to where your torso is facing. Slowly imagine sinking your waist back and down to the floor as you feel the stretch in the outside of your hip.

Couch Stretch – 2:00 Each Leg

Facing away from a wall in a kneeling position with hands on the floor for support, place one leg so that the shin bone is as close to the wall as possible (the respective foot will be in the air). Slowly bring the opposite foot up in front of you, and keep the heel down for a base of stability. Slowly bring your chest up as you imagine driving your waist forward, and hold at a position that provides a deep, but not overwhelming stretch. Focus on your breathing.





Coming off the wreck bag run, focusing on the breath here will make the workout more manageable. Immediately transition to the bike and use the first few calories to sit tall and recover before finding a consistent pace.

Legs + Arms

When we run, the arms assist in the movement, but are not the main movers. Same idea on the bike. We want to get the arms involved on the bike enough to take a bit of pressure off the legs for the weighted runs.

Wreck Bag

Chest High

There is often the tendency to lean forward at the hips when there is a weight on the shoulders. Keeping the chest high throughout the wreck bag run will minimize fatigue on the lower back and assist with breathing.

Bag Across the Shoulders

While getting the bag to one shoulder is easier, taking the extra seconds to place the bag evenly across the back will be a more comfortable running position. It also minimizes the amount of times you have to move the bag to the other side and doesn’t fatigue one side more than the other.



1 Round:

10/7 Calorie Bike

100 Meter Wreck Bag Run

Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds:

30/21 Calorie Bike

200 Meter Wreck Bag Run (40/25)