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February 2018

Should I work out?

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I wanted to talk a bit about a question that we as Trainers get a lot. Should I work out? And that’s whether someone should work out or not, or do a particular exercise or not.  This question doesn’t come from someone not wanting to do a particular exercise, but rather from being sore, or injured, or in pain.  Now before we get into the main topic of this post, I want to discuss the previous sentence a little bit and hopefully clear up a few misconceptions that people may have.  Then we will address the issue of “To wod, or not to wod?”

Nothing ever gets better from not moving it.

Whenever someone asks me about whether to perform a particular exercise or if they can do something different than what is listed I always respond with the same sequence of questions. “Why?” is my first… and “Are you hurt, or do you just not like this exercise?” is what follows. See, these are two entirely different things and as such I have very different responses (and also emotions!) when I discuss them.  It’s human nature to not want to do something when we are not good at it.  People will actually ask if they can do something other than the exercise that is listed when it’s something they aren’t good at, or when it’s something they hate (funny how often those two things usually go together…) So, if what I get back is “I don’t like them” or “I’m no good at them” then my response is usually something along the lines of “Tough”, “Too bad”, or “That’s nice, do it anyway.”  Then I follow it up with “We don’t get better at something by not doing it”. Cause we don’t. Ever. If you’ve ever been around me when I talk about CrossFit you have heard me refer to it as a cruel highlighter.  Because it shows you exactly where your shortcomings are without any hesitation or misgivings whatsoever.

But if the response I get back is something that details an injury or pain then this will warrant a different sub-set of questions.  I then look to determine if the movement to be performed causes pain, and then in particular, what kind of pain? Because if doing the moment causes a sharp, stabbing, immediate pain, than this particular exercise should definitely NOT be performed and an appropriate substation made.  However, if the movement causes a dull aching pain which is usually derived from soreness or a previous workout than my suggestion would be for the member to perform the exercise but to scale back the weight to a moderate level.


If we have pain which is dull and aching then the muscle is usually stiff and sore from a previous workout.  By utilizing this muscle again, but in a much easier capacity, we are increasing the blood flow to the area, warming the area, increasing flexibility, relieving stiffness, and promoting healing.  There’s a reason why they have nurses come in and move the limbs of coma patients. Its to avoid long term muscle damage. So, should you work out?  Think about what is making you want to avoid working out, and if it’s pain, think about what kind and then proceed from there.  Remember, nothing ever gets better from not moving it.


Be well,


A Big Three Danes Welcome!

Welcome to Three Danes CrossFit

Welcome to the Trainer’s Corner!  This is the first post and I just want to thank everyone for choosing Three Danes CrossFit.  You are why we are all here, and being on this journey of better health, fitness, and wellness together is amazing and something I feel grateful about every day.

Trainer’s Corner will be all about information and ideas that we as Trainers would like to share with others.  Could be a recipe we like, or a product tip about something we use, maybe a certain exercise, or even tips on what we feel is the best way to get through a tough benchmark WOD.  Things that we feel may be helpful to others and hopefully will help guide us on our quest for improved health and wellness.

If there is a question you have, or an idea for a post, or something you would like us to mention on here, please don’t hesitate to let us know!  Send any and all questions, comments, and requests to us at

And remember, it’s not what you do inside the box that matters, but how well you live outside of it.


Be well!


Do the World a Favor

There are so many ways in which we can make the world a better place.  We can volunteer at a community outreach, be more environmentally aware, donate money, help the homeless; countless ways in which we can try to raise the collective bar of humanity so as to promote love, kindness, and good will to all.

I’m not thinking on quite that grand a scale here.  I’m talking about something much, much smaller…and some people might say that what I’m suggesting is ridiculous, and others will shudder in horror at the thought of it.



Now I’m not saying that the two are not related, but somewhere along the line we lost sight of what our health and fitness goals should be and started to equate fitness with losing weight.  And as such, the bathroom scale has become legend.  It has morphed into the enemy.  This seemingly innocuous measuring device has elicited more tears, frustration, aggravation, sadness, and despondency than anything else ever has before.  And the worst part of the whole thing is that it is all self-inflicted!  We do it to ourselves!  No one makes us get on the scale, no one forces us to weigh ourselves. But time and time again, that’s exactly what we do.


It has morphed into the enemy.


We are looking for verification and validation that our wants, needs and desires as well as our hard work is finally paying off.  Now this isn’t going to be a discourse on muscle weighing more than fat (which it does) or a discussion on feeling better versus weighing less.  We’re not even going to talk about water weight and the daily fluctuations your weight undergoes all day long due to intake and temperature and activity.


I’m talking about starting your day.  Getting up in the morning and getting ready to attack the day, eager to dive in and make a difference; help others, be kind to your fellow man, and smile everywhere you go. And then you step on the scale. And in an instant, everything changes.  Roses become some sort of nasty potpourri and your fellow man can just basically go suck it.  You don’t understand why your “number” is where it is, it wasn’t like that yesterday and after everything you did it certainly shouldn’t be like that today!  And just like that, our perspective shifts and we lower our energy by thinking and feeling in a negative manner.  And we leave and go out into the day and carry that energy with us. That’s no way to start the day.

Be your own barometer of wellness.


So, my suggestion is one which will help everyone (well, everyone except the people selling bathroom scales).  Don’t get on the scale.  You know how you feel, you know how your clothes fit, and you know how you look when you stand in front of a mirror.  You don’t need the scale.  Be your own barometer of wellness.  Let validation come from within yourself and from the people around you who love you.

So, do yourself a favor, and do all the people you see every day a favor too.  Throw out the scale.  You might be surprised at what happens.

throw out the scale